John in Soho.

Casual but put together very well so I had to take a picture.

What made his outfit stand out to me was his ensemble layering, mix of fabric luster, textures and colors.  Let’s break down his outfit.  He has a basic white as base then adds a neutral earth toned soft cotton shirt with slight loose low collar if worn by itself in the summer would be perfect for a day at the Hamptons (which he told me is where he bought the shirt).  On top he introduces a little color with a dark blue zip up reversible sweater from John Varvatos which I was able to find online:

and finishes the look with a cool industrial jacket by Montcler.  (The green I’m told is not in stores but the blue is, and just as cool)

I couldn’t find the exact one but this has the same look but even better for the coming winter weather.,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS04

The perfect fitting premium jeans are from Genetic.

Good job mate on putting together a great layered look with great individual pieces!

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